Factors To Look Into Before Hiring A Piano Moving Company!

piano-moversBefore getting some professional piano movers to get over and pick up your precious piano, it is vital to ask some questions on the phone. A little interview can save a lot of time. At the same time, if you got more possibilities at your disposal, this is the smartest way to narrow your selections to just two or three. Moreover, you need to make sure that the respective company can actually meet your demands.

Registration number and insurance

Each moving company is supposed to have a registration number. This is the best way to tell whether or not it is legal. However, you should know that some companies may be allowed to stay unregistered if they travel around one state only. Once you got this number, double check on the Internet on accredited agency websites.


If you have to move your piano to a different state and the respective company cannot provide a registration number, you can forget about the insurance. Otherwise, it is very important for your professional piano movers to have one. Any scratch can cost a fortune, especially if you have always taken care of your unit. Besides, shaking it too much can damage the internal components. There are more than seven thousand components, so each of them can be negatively affected. The insurance is very important from this point of view.

Estimates and costs

Ask about the rates and estimates. Most companies will charge you per weight and distance. In some cases, you might have to pay for the truck rental only, so the gas becomes an additional expense. If you are charged per cubic feet, you end up paying more than if you pay per weight.

Other than that, some professional piano movers may charge you per hour, especially if you need to transport your piano over short distances – the same city or a nearby one. When you ask for estimates, do it on the phone, then get a written estimate in person. It is supposed to be signed by both parts and represents an agreement.


Some large companies may rely on subcontractors, especially when it comes to single transports. For instance, they would rather use their trucks for large and expensive orders, rather than for a single piano. The information must be given immediately, so avoid the companies asking you to wait. If you end up with subcontractors, try to find out more about the respective drivers.

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