Understanding Moving Pianos From An Experts Point of View!

flip_flapYou might have experience in hiring moving companies for relocation for families and business. The companies can also help you to move the piano. However, do you know your lovely piano requires special handling from piano moving specialist?

Professional Piano Movers are the expert in providing moving service for piano. They are the specialists who understand the special requirements in moving the piano.

Difficulties of Moving Pianos

Moving pianos is not an easy task for a layman. Traditional pianos are large in size and heavy in weight. Without appropriate facilities, such as the crates, vans, the moving of pianos is very difficult for you. [Read more…]

Professional Piano Movers for Safe and Secure Relocation

piano moverMoving a piano from one location to another takes a lot of caution because the mover should have a good knowledge of making the venture safe for the instrument. If the people taking charge do not know the complexities of a piano, they would just do the lifting and loading without extra care. So in order to keep the good condition of your property, you need to ask for the help of professional piano movers who are trained and skilled in loading and unloading the instrument without causing it any damage. In this article, some important aspects are explored for you to get the best services for your relocation venture.

Why the Need to Hire Professional Movers?

A piano generally weighs about 400 to 900 pounds while grand instruments have a weight of 650 to 1300 pounds. The value of a piano range from a few dollars up to almost 500,000 dollars according to the materials, models, condition and age of the piano. Delving on these given information, it is logical to hire professional piano movers who are trained to lift a heavy instrument with overwhelming value. Movers of this instrument are skilled in maneuvering it in order to pass through entrances in the house and in the moving vehicle. They are expected to do their task in ramps, moving pads, slings and piano skids. [Read more…]